Friday, February 01, 2008

Atlanta 美食地圖

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How to add a new spot?
step1: Save it to "My Maps"
You will need a google account and sign in first.
Click on "Save to My Maps" near the upper right corner of the left column.

Step2: Search for the restaurant on the Internet
Search the restaurant on the internet. Find it and click on it.
If you cannot find it, go to Step6.

Step3: Save the restaurant to a certain map
In the description bubble of the restaurant, click on "Save to My Maps".
You will see a pull-down menu. Select "Atlanta 美食地圖", then click "Save".

Step4: View it and edit it
Check the check box next to "Atlanta 美食地圖" in the "Created by others" section.
Click the "Edit" button to enter the editing mode.

Step5: Edit related info of a restaurant
Click on the name of a newly added restaurant (or an existing one)
A bubble comes up. Change the fields to edit it. Note that, by clicking on the box to the upper right of the bubble, you can change the icon. By clicking "delete" at the lower left, you can delete the restaurant. Also usually, the location of the spot is not precise, drag and drop the icon to fine-tune it.

Step6: Add a new spot from scratch
If you can't find a certain restaurant by searching, you'll need to add it manually.
Click on the drop shape icon (the second from left) to add a new spot.

Refer to the following page for more.