Sunday, March 26, 2006

Basketball with YoYo

Planned to play beach volleyball on a windy Sunday afternoon, we (YoYo, KJ, Berrie, Jeng-Fang, Kevin) turned out to have no 'ball' since the borrowed ball from CRC could not be taken outside. We thus turned to the basketball court. After playing two to three hours, YoYo invited us to his department and gave us some souvenir which he brought back from his New York trip during the spring break. I picked a key chain with Time Square picture. Ying picked a golden apple of new york famous spots. I have this talk with Berry about the classes to take in fall. It seems to take OS is not a good idea. And we talked more about the software industry in both Taiwan and USA. It was a long discussion, after that I know more about the working environments and think I need to consider more about my plan of the near future.