Saturday, March 25, 2006

Japanese Restaurant

Planning to go the Norcross Station to have a dinner with local magician Joe M Turner originally, we (Ying, Weichun) were sorry to hear that he was out of town and won't be back until April. So Ying suggested to try this Japanese restaurant on the way from Ying's house to the school. It is a high class restaurant with valet parking. The food was also very good. We have seaweed salad, grilled cod, two teriyaki plate a seafood pot. We also have ginger and green tea ice cream as well. We all like Japanese food in that you won't get too full and feel very comfortable after it since it is healthy. The only 'wet blanket' is the number on the check, it was about 25 per person. Well, it's weekend, let's just treat it as a reward of the past week :-P