Monday, April 10, 2006

Dogwood festival 2006

We went to the Dogwood last year, and I was amazed by a artist's work. The artist's name was
Bruce Holwerda, I remember he was selling a work named "walking the dog" last year priced at 300 or so. I thought about this picture very much in the past year. So when yao-sheng told us about the artist is having a booth again. I was very excited. To my surprise. The have that same picture in a cheaper version this year($90). I bought it and am planning to frame it:) He has a similar work this year and I love it too. We see a lot more good art works from many artists. I also like the work of Tardy, and Ying liked John S Gibb, who draw with pencil. One can never imagine a pencil work could be detailed like this. She especially likes the wavelet.