Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Night Market at GT

At Friday night, TASA an Taiwanese undergrad student association held a "Night Margket". To ur disappointment, there were not much food as it is in Taiwan, but there were a lot of games like netting goldfish, dart,...etc. The tickets was .50 each for most of the games. We end winning three gold fishes and several small items. Richard and Tsao Yu was there, they were doing this "Jeopardy" game, which is a riddle game with question in History, Geography,...etc. If you accumulate enough point, you can smash a pie onto one of the girls' faces. They won however Richard, instead of smash it to the girls, he smash the whipped creams to Yu. I was a fun night, we also appreciate the performance of Kong-Fu, diabolo,.... and most of the friends were there. It was great. And it was until this night we realize there are this many Taiwanese in this area.