Saturday, April 29, 2006

Interview experience

Our Team is going to recruit a new co-op during the summer. On Friday, a guy came for a on-site interview. My boss asked me join the interview. It was a extraordinary experience one can have I considered. His name is Clement and he is from France. During the interview, Vadim, ZY, and Madhav was there. Cement presented the project he did with he did his co-op in Phillips Research, Netherland. It was using Labview to enhance the infra-red photos in assisting medical usages. We also showed him around. After he finished and while he was waiting for the cab, I talked to him about the european ways (in education, in working). He said people he met there also get flexible working hours. However, they come in early and leave as early as 5 o'clock. Talking about education, he said it is more theoretical there (more practical in US). We also talked about some other things. It is good to talk to people from different countries. He seems to be very enthusiastic about the exploring his experience. He said he eagerly joined the activities he could find here. I need to do the same thing.Anyway, this experience, made me know more about what the people in the other side of the interview table thinks. I took notes on it. For example I think: 1. It is a good to go through the Resume when they ask you to introduce yourself. Not all the interviewer have checked them. Assume they know nothing. Point out those need further explanations 2. How knowledgable you are is a important question. The employer want to know how fast you can pick up the work. 3. Do not care too much about the facial expressions, they may be frowny only because they always do. 4. Ask questions, to the manager. They may try to show they know much. 5. Ask for advice from junior employee (me) for the interview if you get a chance to talk to him. 6. Tell stories.