Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ying's Birthday

It was Saturday. I asked our friends to go to the Tofu house together. There were about sixteen people came. By the way, Richard and the other three in "physics 4" moved to Willow Lake today. We have an bigger and bigger neighborhood now, which I consider to be great. After the dinner, they all come to Ying's house to have the cake and games. It was fun. Tzung-lin Wu and Yu played four card to24 game. They are both fast at that. I and Lin-pei was also in the game. Ying got many gifts. I think she is happy. The birthday gift I gave her was two DVDs: Before Sun rise/set. They were the first moving we had together. I remember that time I lived in GLC and we were nother together at that time. I am so glad to have her.